Bioinformatics Data Analysis

Design of Experiments

Experimental design of projects involving analysis of cell-free nucleic acids with qPCR and high-throughput sequencing. After evaluating your research goals, we will suggest an optimal strategy tailored for your task. We will also advise which platform/technique and consumables should be used in each case. The experimental design service is free of charge for users of Heidelberg Biolabs products.

Bioinformatics Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Computational analyses of massive parallel sequencing data (Illumina and Ion Torrent platforms) using validated bioinformatics pipelines tailored for circulating RNA-seq and DNA-seq experiments. Our bioinformatics support can be fully customized for your research needs, the scope and objectives of the study. We apply only up-to-date and well-proven software working under Unix/Linux environment.

Bioinformatics Data Analysis

Clinical Bioinformatics

Comprehensive analysis of deep sequencing data (WGS, WES or panel sequencing) obtained from tumor biopsies or liquid biopsies samples with the ultimate goal to identify cancer driver genes as well as lists of druggable mutations. We apply both commonly used and in-house developed algorithms and software in accordance with current international recommendations.